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NCA 2012 Committee Membership
(2009-2010, 2010-11, and 2011-12)

  • Trudy W. Banta, Co-Chair, (Planning and Institutional Improvement/School of Education)
  • Mary L. Fisher, Co-Chair, (Academic Affairs/School of Nursing)
  • Karen Alfrey (School of Engineering and Technology)
  • Sarah S. Baker (University College/School of Medicine)
  • Daniel L. Baldwin (School of Engineering and Technology)
  • Karen E. Black (Criterion 1 Chair – Program Review/Planning and Institutional Improvement)
  • Robert G. Bringle (Criterion 5 Co-Chair – Center for Service Learning/School of Science)
  • Scott E. Evenbeck (University College)
  • Margaret R. Ferguson (School of Liberal Arts)
  • Dominique M. Galli (Criterion 4 Co-Chair – School of Dentistry)
  • Clifford R. Goodwin (Criterion 4 Co-Chair – School of Engineering and Technology)
  • Michele J. Hansen (University College)
  • Richard D. Jackson (Academic Affairs/School of Dentistry)
  • Kathy Elizabeth Johnson (Criterion 3 Co-Chair – University College/School of Science)
  • Susan Kahn (Institutional Effectiveness/Planning and Institutional Improvement)
  • Bruce Kitchens (Faculty Council Academic Affairs Committee)
  • Joan E. Kowolik (Criterion 2 Co-Chair – School of Dentistry)
  • Missy Kubitschek (School of Liberal Arts)
  • Kathleen A. Marrs (School of Science)
  • John Omachonu (ACE Fellow)
  • Rebecca E. Porter (Enrollment Services)
  • Sherry F. Queener (Graduate School)
  • Ingrid M. Ritchie (Public Health/School of Medicine)
  • Susan B. Scott (ePortfolio/Institutional Effectiveness)
  • Joshua S. Smith (School of Education)
  • Darrin Sorrells (IUPU Columbus)
  • Matthew F. Souza (IUPU Columbus)
  • Terri A. Tarr (Center for Teaching and Learning)
  • Pratibha Varma-Nelson (Criterion 3 Co-Chair – Center for Teaching and Learning/Science)
  • Richard E. Ward (Center for Research and Learning/School of Liberal Arts)
  • Debra L. Winikates (IUPU Columbus/Education)
  • Eric R. Wright (Public Health/School of Medicine)
  • Karen M. Yoder (Criterion 5 Co-Chair – School of Dentistry)

IUPUI Criterion One: Mission and Integrity Committee


Karen E. Black (Program Review/Planning and Institutional Improvement)

Committee Members
  • Trudy Banta (Planning and Institutional Improvement/School of Education)
  • Mary Fisher (Academic Affairs/School of Nursing)
  • Susan Kahn (Institutional Effectiveness/Planning and Institutional Improvement)
  • Susan Scott (ePortfolio/Institutional Effectiveness)

IUPUI Criterion Two: Preparing for the Future Committee


Joan E. Kowolik (School of Dentistry)

Committee Members
  • Trudy W. Banta (Planning and Institutional Improvement - Ex Officio)
  • Daniel L. Baldwin (Engineering and Technology)
  • Anne S. Belcher (Nursing)
  • Stephen L. Boehm (Science)
  • Louis B. Cantor (Medicine)
  • Janice C. Froehlich (Medicine)
  • Nicholas J. Grahame (Science)
  • Richard D. Jackson (Dentistry)
  • Debomoy K. Lahiri (Medicine)
  • Kathleen A. Marrs (Faculty Council Executive Committee Liaison/Science)
  • Miriam A. Murphy (Law Library)
  • Mike Polites (Liberal Arts)
  • Fred J. Rees (Engineering and Technology)
  • Dawn M. Rhodes (Finance and Administration - Ex Officio)
  • Ian A. Sheeler (Liberal Arts)
  • Robert Vernon (Social Work)
  • Mark C. Volpatti (Columbus/Student Affairs)
  • Jeremy J. Wilson (Liberal Arts)
  • L. Jack Windsor (Faculty Council/Dentistry – Ex Officio)

IUPUI Criterion Three: Student Learning and Effective Teaching Committee


Kathy E. Johnson (University College/Science)

Pratibha Varma-Nelson (Center for Teaching and Learning/Science)

Committee Members
  • Sarah S. Baker (University College/Medicine)
  • Michele J. Hansen (University College)
  • Barbara Hayes (School of Informatics)
  • Maureen Kinney (Kelley School of Business)
  • Alison M. Loftus (School of Medicine)
  • Sherry F. Queener (Graduate School)
  • Debra L. Winikates (IUPU Columbus/Education)

IUPUI Criterion Four: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge Committee


Dominique M. Galli (School of Dentistry)

Clifford R. Goodwin (School of Engineering and Technology)

Committee Members
  • Robert W. Aaron (Student Life)
  • Catherine A. Buyarski (University College)
  • Todd Daniels-Howell (University Library)
  • Alicia Gahimer (Office of Vice Chancellor for Research)
  • Susan Kahn (Institutional Effectiveness/Planning and Institutional Improvement)
  • Kimdy Le (IUPU Columbus/Science)
  • Richard E. Ward (Center for Research and Learning)
  • Dawn M. Whitehead (Office of International Affairs)

IUPUI Criterion Five: Engagement and Service Committee


Robert G. Bringle (Center for Service Learning/Science)

Karen M. Yoder (School of Dentistry)

Committee Members
  • Lauren Chism (University College)
  • Thomas A. Clerkin (IUPU Columbus/Business)
  • Julie Elkins (Student Life)
  • Christine Fitzpatrick (IUPUI Solution Center)
  • G. Roger Jarjoura (School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
  • Susan B. Scott (ePortfolio/Institutional Effectiveness)
  • Beth Sharer (IUPU Columbus/Nursing)
  • Kathryn S. Steinberg (Center for Service and Learning)

NCA/HLC 2012 Data Committee

  • Gary Pike (Chair)
  • Karen Black : Preparing for the Future and Mission and Integrity
  • Camy Broeker : Preparing for the Future
  • Michele Hansen : Student Learning and Effective Teaching
  • Carol McGarry : Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge
  • Alicia Gahimer : Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge
  • Kathy Steinberg : Engagement and Service
  • Debra Winikates : IUPUC

Self Study Writers

  • Trudy Banta
  • Karen Black
  • Mary Fisher
  • Susan Kahn
  • Susan Scott


  • Chris Brown
  • George Brown
  • Tim Keller
  • Patrick McAleer
  • Jeramy Spurgeon
  • Suzanne Vick


  • Todd Daniels-Howell
  • Stephen Towne